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Daily Food log Day 1

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Friendship Station
Friendship Station *for all my ed sista's/boyz

Daily Food log Day 1

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okay. I am really going to crack down on my weight goals. my freaking period is coming so i binged and it was horrible! I bought some b-complex vitamins. They say they boost up your metabolism, so yea that with green t pills plus drinking green tea should work. This week i am going to restrict to the extreme. I have to be 139 by the end of this week. okay here is my meal plan for today!

Egg sub (30 cals)
Pinch of Kraft fat free cheese (15 cals)
2 cups of hot Green Tea

Yogurt smoothie (70 cals)

Diet Soda

Healthy Choice dinner Siamese seed chicken (270 cals)
385 cals
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