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Friendship Station *for all my ed sista's/boyz


July 17th, 2006

(no subject)

breakfast/late lunch:
can of vault zero

late lunch/early dinner:
minute maid cherry limeade popsicle (70 cal)

on fitday.com, it says an apple is 81 calories. is that righT??

July 8th, 2006

(no subject)

okay so i guess i'll have breakfast. i really need to get down to 130 by monday for the diet contest thing

BRk: !/2 cup of strawberries

Lean cuisine
 under 200 cals

(i have plans with a gf of mine so i better play it safe)

Coffee and ciggs

July 7th, 2006


breakfast: 1/2 serving size of special K
green tea

lunch: 3 strawberries

dinner: green tea
small salad with no dressing

rode my horse for a hour and went for a mile run.

thankfully my brother had a baseball game so we didn't have "family dinner" tonight.

dropped a pound ... eh.

(no subject)

I put some weights on my scale to test it's accuracy... seems to be 2 pounds off. So that puts me at about 97. It had said I was 94 yesterday & I was getting excited. This is really a letdown but I just need to work harder now. All I've had so far today is coffee & a slice of orange.

Question; do flavored ground coffee's have more calories? I looked it up but I couldn't find much. The only one that really gave me an answer said that they didn't but this is kind of hard to believe. Namely I want to know about folger's (french vanilla/ hazelnut) ground coffees. Anyone know? Thanks.

x-posted a few places

July 6th, 2006


Hey everyone. New here.

Age: 17
CW: 138
HW: 140
GW: 120 (for now)

I've always had an "athletic build" and its so hard for me to drop weight because my family is always forcing food at me. I'm hoping that the support and advice from you guys will help me get to my goal.

July 4th, 2006

(no subject)

Please tell me-how the fuck did I go from 90...to 95? Well, that is fucking rediculous. I'm starting another 3 week sort of thing-a series of fasts and stuff. Today was bad...I ate...
Latte        110
Lettuce        5
Ranch        80
Tuna           60
I WAS planning on eating only that all day, but I continued to have...
Lots of soup   (at least) 300
a fucking chocolate malt...500?
Yeah all in all, a bad day. 
So tomorrow will be better...

May 9th, 2006

Meal plan for day 2
My binge soup (82 cals)
2 diurex water pills
1 green tea pill
2 cups of hot green tea
2 diurex water pills
1 mega t pill
Healthy Choice –
Chicken and angel hair
(350 cals)
Total= 432
Goal: Burn 500 calories

May 8th, 2006

okay. I am really going to crack down on my weight goals. my freaking period is coming so i binged and it was horrible! I bought some b-complex vitamins. They say they boost up your metabolism, so yea that with green t pills plus drinking green tea should work. This week i am going to restrict to the extreme. I have to be 139 by the end of this week. okay here is my meal plan for today!

Egg sub (30 cals)
Pinch of Kraft fat free cheese (15 cals)
2 cups of hot Green Tea

Yogurt smoothie (70 cals)

Diet Soda

Healthy Choice dinner Siamese seed chicken (270 cals)
385 cals

May 5th, 2006


My stats:
Lilly ♥
Age: 22
CW: 141
HW: 185 (freaking cow)
GW: 115 by August 1
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